Are you Stagnant?

Are you Stagnant?

Grand Rising!

If you've never heard of how I became aware of crystals and my bodies acceptance of energy, then here it is. I was struggling at work mentally and emotionally. I had conflicting opinions with coworkers on a regular basis. During the process of thinking about how to treat each issue fairly and true, I dug deep emotionally if this was MY problem or their problem. I did find fault in both their and my approach. Stress was a constant in the profession. I was out with a friend and we wandered into a rock shop. I picked up three without even knowing what they were. I began carrying them with me day to day and I realize that even in the same exact conflicts with the coworkers, I was able to hold space for my view and theirs. I ended up seeing their side as accurate some days and not beating myself up about being wrong. I was also able to speak the truth and not really care about how the info was received on their part.

During this discovery, My Gemini Rising began to tumble down the path of fair trade, crystal mining, crystal healing work, and chakra balance. My world became joyful as I found answers. It was my mindset; it was my perception. I also decided to leave the profession as my work there was over. I began diving into crystal and metaphysics.

I believe in the power of everyone to be able to heal themselves with a little faith. I am a facilitator of healing; I don't call myself a HEALER. YOU are a healer of YOU with the right tools.

As I round out my 7th Month of Business, I want you to know that my services are based in experience. I have worked with several friends to develop the best program to help women step back into their body. I help women make peace with their trauma. I help women understand and become empowered with their menstrual cycles instead of allowing the harsh elements of societal pressure make them WARRIOR through feelings, physical pain, and bleeding. I believe I can do this for women who don't have a womb either.

If you feel stuck, feeling unworthy of a real relationship, if you feel tension in change, if you are resistant to dating and often have been told you have a chip on your shoulder or are too assertive. . . It is possible you need a reset with the feminine divine. Overcompensating confidence is also a sign of an imbalance.

Currently offering 3 Months of Feminine Energy Coaching. 3 Months gives you a one-hour natal Chart/ tarot workup as well as menstrual cycle analysis. This is your first session. You will have one-hour sessions with me every 2 weeks for problem solving, healing discussion, and yes... you will have homework. We can dissect blockages that aren't allowing the healthy flow of emotions verses actions and dive deeper into connection to your highest self. I am only taking a few clients at a time right now so if you'd like to join a waiting list, I can do that once the positions are filled.

Thanks for making this business amazing! I appreciate every one of you so much!

Lady M

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