How Did I Get Here?

How Did I Get Here?

I have had many days and nights, really, while lying in bed wondering how did I get to this place. My entire life I've had these gut feelings. I could tell when people were sad, happy, unbothered, bothered, angry, alone, desperate, manipulating, and all of the other feelings associated with the human experience. They would pretend. As a child, seeing adults pretend to be happy became the norm. 

As I moved into middle school and high school ages, it grew more intense. I could see teachers pretending with students. I tried to turn it off. I would be laying in bed at night worrying about things that I had no idea to be true. I began to realize I was feeling other people's feelings when I went to college. 

At the age of 18, I began studying to be a Registered Dental Hygienist. I spent 2 hours at a time working on a patient and each patient had multiple appointments. I began noticing that as my hands moved into a spot I would feel pain and the patient would as well. Believe it or not, most hygienists are not sadists. I noticed my ears were more sensitive to sounds, too. 

I worked in dentistry for 25 years. I would say things to patients that I would never have known. The last year, I worked in the field, my body began to hurt. Its weird to work in a field that you are so passionate about when your body is saying NOPE. The more I read for people, the harsher my body responded to my day job in dentistry and the industry as a whole. I decided to leave and focus on wellness and coaching through just being a good human and doing what I was designed to do. I am supposed to have conversations. I am supposed to love on people, but first and foremost I am supposed to be authentic to me. 

Dentistry became inauthentic. It was my duty any more. If anything, I had to step away for a bit to try this and be this on purpose. So here I am. Telling stories through tarot, selling pretty rocks, and being a 1% better human every day. 


the photo is me on the beach in Florida. This trip was over a full moon. I cried knowing I was in an end game with my dental career. I was terrified. No matter what happens, I am absolutely grateful for this opportunity, the people I have met, and the trust I've built with people in this area of wellness. 

Thanks for coming along for the ride, 

Lady Magdalene


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