January Full Wolf Moon

The Full Wolf Moon is a name given to the full moon that occurs in January. It is so named because it is associated with the howling of wolves, which was traditionally heard more often during the winter months. The name is derived from Native American mythology, where each full moon is given a unique name based on the season and the activities that typically took place during that time of year. The Full Wolf Moon is also sometimes called the Old Moon or the Moon After Yule. During this time, the moon appears full for about three days, from the day before to the day after the actual full moon.

Full moon energy is considered a powerful force in many spiritual practices. It is believed that during this time, the moon's energy is at its peak, making it an ideal time for rituals and manifestations. Here are 5 rituals to work with full moon energy:

1.  It's time to manifest your dreams! Grab a pen and paper to jot down your heart's deepest desires. Then, let the full moon light up your intentions and watch as the universe works its magic!

 2. Attune thyself: As the full moon casts its luminescent glow, carve out a sacred space to meditate. Let your intentions unfurl before your mind's eye, and through the enchanted practice of visualization, manifest their wondrous fruition.

3. Charge your Crystals. Harness the radiance of the full moon to charge your crystals with celestial energy. Simply place them under her gentle gaze near a window and allow her magic to infuse them throughout the night.

4.Cleanse your space. Use this time to burn sage, palo santo, or just your favorite candle and remind yourself what you allow in your home and what you do not tolerate. 

5. Have a tarot reading done and pay your reader. You can always go to youtube and get a free reading, but whether it's me or someone else, it's important to honor the energy and time they take with you. Always asking for something for free is actually rude. 

6. Perform a Liberation Spell: Unleash the weight of any shrouding negativity. Scribble them onto a page, and let the flames of the full moon devour them, freeing you from their grasp.

Best of Self Care and Blessed BE!!! 

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